The renewable energy transition creates energy supply security


The renewable energy transition puts energy supply security at risk. More fossil power plants are needed to guarantee energy security.


A precondition for high energy supply security is the deployment of renewable energies with storage and smart systems and grid adaptations.

The energy system is also coming under increasing pressure from climate change. The very hot summer of 2018 showed that supply was not without problems. In addition to hydro-power plants which suffered from the drought, coal and nuclear power plants also temporarily produced only limited power due to the heat.

A decentralized energy system based on renewable energies can provide protection against the negative consequences of extreme events. Also the possibility of storing heat supply in buildings (with construction element activation) and energy with e-mobility will contribute significantly to energy systems’ increased resilience. Already solid biomass is among the biggest and most efficient seasonal energy storage. Thanks to new technologies, additional storage possibilities for heat supply for buildings and for e-mobility are being created. The expected increase in demand for power requiring power generation capacities, and planned energy transition towards more sustainability, are among our society’s key infrastructure projects. This is about modernisation, flexibility and deployment of new technologies to achieve climate targets.