Ambitious climate protection can be an opportunity for the industry sector


An ambitious climate and energy policy is a threat to the Austrian industrial sector. High energy costs in particular are a problem for the economy.


Energy costs are not a key factor for competitiveness – except for some particularly energy-intensive industries. In Austria energy costs amount on average to 2.6 per cent of the total costs of a manufacturing business.

Energy costs amount to 2.6 % of the total costs of Austria´s industry sector

The share of energy costs remains stable, even in energy-intensive industries.

  • Material costs
  • Labor costs
  • Energy costs

Development of relevant cost factors in Austrian industries overall and for selected industries.

Source: Statistik Austria 2015

Empirical evidence shows that investing in climate change mitigation can be a substantial competitive advantage. Research and development and a promising domestic market are preconditions for being a technological forerunner and the associated long-term benefits for the industries. Pivotal for long-term targets are planning certainty, effective instruments and an innovation-friendly environment.

The level of energy costs plays a subordinate role as measured by diverse rankings regarding the attractiveness of the location for an industry. The proportional share of energy costs in comparison to the total cost of production average 2,6 per cent and are therefore relatively low. Especially in comparison to the costs of materials, energy costs have been stable or even decreased.